Hey, there!

I’m Glad you’re Here,

Welcome to the Kind Monkey.

Are you constantly on-the-go and wish there was a way to supercharge your energy to experience more harmony and balance in your life?

Here, you'll find a space filled with tips and services
to create a more fulfilling, meaningful, and inspired life.

I am a Karuna Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide that offers Reiki treatments to those who feel drawn to opening up to higher levels of love, and compassion.

Why the name you may ask?

Our monkey mind can run wild with judgements about ourselves (and the world) that don't serve us. These thoughts often keep us stuck, repeating negative patterns, and blocking us from reaching our full potential. 

Here at The Kind Monkey, we empower you to become mindful of your internal chatter, (aka your monkey mind) through the practice of self-compassion and energy healing practices.

May we all learn to feed the Kind Monkey in our head,
more than the nasty one that pops-up here and there!

Once we choose Kindness for ourselves, we are able to spread it out to all.
Join me as we work together to create a Kinder World.


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